Long time, no post

Song: Hold On Tight
Artist: Electric Light Orchestra
Album: TIME
Released: 1981

Today’s Quote: “The real danger is the gradual erosion of individual liberties through automation, integration, and interconnection of many small, separate record-keeping systems, each of which alone may seem innocuous, even benevolent, and wholly justifiable.” ~ U. S. Privacy Study Commission, 1977

I realize that I’ve only posted one entry this month but I was away for much of the month without Internet access. Yes, it is possible to survive without the Internet and email. Even my cell phone use was limited. My phone would ring in the house but I had to walk outside toward the barn in order to get a strong enough signal to talk.

But that was the least of my problems this month. I was suddenly called away on an urgent family matter. I’m not ready to discuss it yet. When and if I do, it probably won’t be here. It may not be online at all.

Earlier this month I switched back to the new blood pressure medication because I used the last of the old prescription and couldn’t get it refilled. The new stuff actually raised my blood pressure and heart rate but I figured that it was better than going without. That, compounded with a very stressful situation, didn’t help me any. I did get in to see my doctor earlier this week and I’m back on the old medication at least until July when I’ll see a new doctor. The doctor I saw seemed to want to make the visit as short as possible because he was separating from the service in a week. Ah, the joys of being at the mercy of the military health care system.


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