Not sure I oughta know

Jagged_Little_PillSong: You Oughta Know
Artist: Alanis Morissette
Album: Jagged Little Pill
Released: 1995
I heard the song on the radio this morning and a couple of the lyrics jumped out at me in a genuine WTF moment. I didn’t know the artist or the title so I did a Google search on a partial lyric. After reading the lyrics online, I realized that I’d heard the song a number of times before on the radio. Maybe I had heard an edited version before and somehow the station happened to play the unedited version this morning. Trust me, I will not complain to the FCC about it. In fact, I wish the FCC would get out of the business of censorship and infringing on First Amendment rights and go back to managing the allocation of the radio frequency spectrum. I won’t mention which station I was listening to. I won’t confirm or deny anything in my efforts to protect the station’s First Amendment rights to play it as well as my First Amendment right to hear it.

Today’s Quote: “Seek simplicity, and distrust it.” ~ Alfred North Whitehead

In my daily spam report there was one with the subject line “we caught you naked! check the video”. Uh, so what? Lots of people, most of them total strangers, have seen me naked. It’s no big deal. There may even be naked pictures of me floating around on the Internet. But if there is a video of me frolicking naked, please send it to me.

Seen on a tow truck on my way home yesterday — “Dayton’s finest hookers”. I’m glad to see people take pride in their work, whatever it is that they do.

This week’s South Park is good. I highly recommend it In a way, it’s every bit as good as Major Boobage. Some parts of it are just plain wrong. Kyle saves the day.


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