Wrong meds

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Today’s Quote: “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” ~ Albert Einstein

I guess my physical exam went okay. It was shorter than expected since they gave me most of it back in December when I went in for my pissing problem. My blood pressure was a little high (at least I thought so). The tech had trouble getting my temperature. The third try on the second thermometer finally got a reading. She thought 96.8° was low but that’s actually my normal temperature. The doctor checked my ears and throat, and checked my reflexes. And I did not get my ass fingered today.

The doctor noted my blood pressure medication and asked if I’d had a heart attack. No. He then informed me that since I hadn’t had a heart attack, I was on the wrong medication, apparently for several years. He said it was commonly prescribed a few years ago. He also said that some of its side effects were tiredness and depression. I wonder if that explains anything. He put me on a new med and wants me to come back in a month.

I spent the evening messing around with CSS and created a crude template around a 780×24 px gif that I wanted to use as a background. It took some tweaking but I got it to look the way I wanted. I don’t understand what I did but it works. One of these days, I’m going to have to learn more about that.


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2 thoughts on “Wrong meds”

  1. Back to the old meds?
    This morning I called in my 5 blood pressure readings. The nurse commented on how high they were. I explained that before the change, my blood pressure was about 10mmHg lower for both the systolic and diastolic and my resting pulse was 10 to 15 bpm lower too. She gave this information to the doctor and called me back later to inform me that the doctor said it was OK to go back to the old medication. He wants me to check my blood pressure regularly and see him by the end of May.
    The old medication did seem to be working well. The rise I’d been seeing in the last couple of months was, I believe, due to stress at work. When I started the new medication, it shot up dramatically.


    1. Re: Back to the old meds?
      I went back to my old medication yesterday morning. I took my morning reading in the prescribed manner — wait an hour after I take my pill, sit still for 15 minutes, then take the reading. I passed the 15 minutes of stillness by meditating. The morning the reading was significantly lower than Tuesday’s reading but this morning’s was bit higher although my pulse rate hadn’t varied much from yesterday. The pulse on both readings are much lower than they were under the new med. I couldn’t begin to fathom what’s going on here.


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