Kitchen Pass

Today’s Quote: “On the outside it [nudism] seems like it’s about looking and seeing…. But once you’ve been inside you realize it’s more simple than that, deeper than that. It’s simply about being….and enjoying some innocent freedom.” ~ “Be a Nudist” in response to a MySpace blog post about a first visit to a nudist resort

Song: One Week
Artist: Barenaked Ladies
Album: Stunt
Released: 1998

I am finally a card carrying nudist. Yesterday evening I attended my first swim sponsored by The Buckeye Naturists and got my membership card. (The swim I attended in January was hosted by Have Sun Will Travel, the other club.) I had a great time and was surprised I didn’t look like a prune after spending nearly two hours in the pool playing volleyball. Being in the water definitely affects your movements and balance. It also works the muscles differently. I’m not sure how exactly but I felt certain muscle pull that I normally wouldn’t notice when playing on a court. I guess it’s because there’s more resistance in the water.

Looking forward to summer.


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