S&BJ + pi = null

Today’s Quote: “In a perfect world you wouldn’t need a utopia.” ~ Mike Meyers

Smokin_coverSong: 30 Days in the Hole
Artist: Humble Pie
Album: Smokin’
Released: 1972

Today we have two holidays for the price on one For starters, it’s Pi Day. Today is also commonly celebrated as Steak & BJ Day, the testosterone-based alternative to Valentine’s Day. Strangely, however, it is generally not observed by the other gender. I really don’t understand this apparent reluctance. We buy into their Valentine’s Day ritual. Maybe S&BJ Day needs better PR.

Seen on South Dixie between West Carrollton and Rt 741 the other day — SUV perpendicularly straddling the mound in the median and perfectly balanced. I guess he thought his mighty SUV should be able to handle such a small hill and learned that you don’t get much traction when all four wheels are off the ground.

Seen on Modern Marvels — The US military has used loud music to soften up prisoners. Among the selections are Metallica, Eminem, and Barney the dinosaur. (Prolonged exposure to any of those would make me talk and confess to just about anything. Why is the CIA wasting their time with waterboarding?)

Naked coed water volleyball sounds like a fun thing to do on a Saturday night. Why not?


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