Life After People

Today’s Quote: “Everything man creates contains the seeds of its own destruction.” ~ Life After People

Song: In the Year 2525
Artist: Zager and Evans
Album: In the Year 2525
Released: 1969
Sample lyric: In the year 9595, I’m kinda wonderin’ if Man is gonna be alive. He’s taken everything this old Earth can give, and he ain’t put back nothing, whoa-whoa…

I watched a program on the History Channel about Life After People. It showed how every man-made thing in the world would deteriorate and how nature would take over. Isn’t it comforting to know that someday everything man has ever created will deteriorate, fall apart, and eventually disappear without a trace?

One thing that puzzled me was that at the beginning of the show, everything in the world was normal. It was the world as we know it except there were no people. It was as though everyone had been beamed up by aliens or the Rapture had occurred. There was nothing apocalyptic or catastrophic, all the people on Earth just mysteriously disappeared. National Geographic is airing a similar program tonight. It will be interesting to see their take on this.

On the show’s web page, there’s a link to “Can you survive?” Ah, if there are no people, you’re not going to be around to survive. Maybe the aliens missed a few people here and there. Wouldn’t that suck? To be running late and miss the Rapture?


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  1. I missed the first half hour or so of the National Geographic program so I don’t know why all the people disappeared. From the sounds of it, there was some sort of worldwide nuclear event. I’m not sure but when I tuned in, they were talking about radiation. Apparently, whatever happened didn’t affect animals and let the elephants out of the zoo. And like the History Channel program, there was no physical sign of people, no bodies or anything. Whatever brought the human population down to zero left no signs of humanity except what they had created. I thought it was interesting that the NG program described the climatic changes that would occur once human activity stopped adding pollutants to the atmosphere. I’ll have to catch both programs again, from the beginning, if only to find out what happened to all the people, why humanity disappeared all at once.


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