Master of half-assery

Today’s Quote: “Everyone is a prisoner of his own experiences. No one can eliminate prejudices – just recognize them.” ~ Edward R. Murrow, television broadcast, December 31, 1955

Bookends_S-GSong: A Hazy Shade of Winter
Artist: Simon & Garfunkel (Paul Simon)
Album: Bookends
Released: 1968
The version of this song that has been going through my head today is The Bangles’ 1987 cover from the Less than Zero soundtrack. Generally, I prefer to go to the version by the original artist or composer.

I’ve sort of followed cargoweasel‘s fitness and weight loss progress on Live Journal so it was with great interest that I read his LJ about Externalities and weight loss. It was an interesting read with several good comments and it gave me some things to think about.

I’ve had a lifelong aversion to participating in athletics and to exercise in general. I think it goes back to a somewhat traumatic experience during a PE class in elementary school. At least that’s what I’ve always blamed it on. Just the same, I’ve always associated physical fitness with pain, as in the adage, “no pain, no gain”. And because I don’t exercise regularly, there is usually pain and soreness simply because I’m not used to doing it. Whenever I’ve tried to motivate myself to get in shape, I’ve always tried to do it on my own, to endure the pain alone. That’s why I’ve always failed. It’s easy to talk myself out of going through an experience that’s sure to result in discomfort or pain. Even when I try to talk myself through it, in the back of my mind, I suspect I’m lying to myself. A support group of one is essentially useless.

Whilst perusing some blogs today, I came across the term, “half-assery” which is defined by the Urban Dictionary as “The act of leaving tasks unfinished (Half-Assed)”. I like it and I see plenty of potential to use this term in daily speech. I see plenty of half-assery everyday. It seems to be a way of life these days. I think it comes from handing out half-assed self-esteem rather than the achievement-based self-esteem that used to be given out. Using this approach in the public school system ensures future half-assery and half-assery becomes self-perpetuating. Within a few generations, achievement-based self-esteem will be relegated to historical reference only. But then again, history will be irrelevant because who wants to know about stuff that happened before?

I’ve made it through 22 days of Lent and 4 Sundays without caving in to temptation.


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