Leap Day

Today’s Quote: “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Harry_Nilsson_Son_of_SchmilssonSong: You’re Breakin’ My Heart
Album: Son of Schmilsson
Released: 1972
Sample lyric: You’re breakin’ my heart / You’re tearin’ it apart / So fuck you.

Could be one of the greatest break up songs of all time, direct and to the point.

Although, for the most part, February really sucked, it seemed to end on a positive note. My workday was fairly pleasant. There wasn’t much in the way of stress and frustration and things went rather well. With the close of the company’s fiscal year, I was able to end it with no outstanding repairs and only two open help desk items. For one item, I’m waiting on memory for an upgrade and the other entered the queue this afternoon and I wasn’t able to get hold of the guy to look at his problem. I’ll probably close that one on Monday. I finally heard from the folks who provide off-site storage for our backups. I’ve been trying to get hold of our account rep for nearly two months only to find out today that he hasn’t been employed by them for some time. Gee, thanks for letting us know. I suspect I’m hearing from the now only because I emailed my request to the national support request address. There’s something about sh*t rolling downhill that gets peoples’ attention. I know I don’t usually bring up work here but today was a good day at work and they don’t come often enough.

With the end of the month paychecks, we seem to be in better shape financially or, at least, better than we have been for the past month and a half. Our tax refund came in earlier this week and was pretty much gone the same day. At least I was able to bring my meager savings account up to a balance that doesn’t incur fees even if the interest it earns to so negligible that it’s nearly nonexistent.

So, at the moment, March looks hopeful. I may even make it all the way through Lent with my vow of abstaining from Internet porn intact. So far I’ve made it through 21 days of Lent (probably a new personal record) plus three Sundays. I must admit, however, that the temptation is getting harder to resist. But I’m over halfway there now. The month that begins tomorrow holds hope in other areas as well.


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