Didn’t last long enough

Today’s Quote: “It’s you and me against the world…. We attack at dawn.” ~ Mandy, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Song: I Walk The Line
Artist: Johnny Cash
Album: Johnny Cash With His Hot And Blue Guitar
Released: 1956
Yesterday would have been his 76th birthday.

I paid the ransom on the van yesterday but it won’t be ready until today. I’ve sunk about $3,000 into that van in the last month. I can only hope it will survive three more years. I have my doubts. I’ll probably put up with no heat in the truck until spring when it’s warm enough to try back flushing the heater core. Of course, I won’t need the heat quite so much then.

The tax refund came and went. I paid the ransom on the van, renewed my plates, and transferred money to bolster the savings account. About all I’m left with is gas money. Money is a lot like sex. It feels good when you get it, it doesn’t last long enough, and you feel let down afterwards.

When is going to get warm enough to play naked?


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