Most hated object – 1998 Venture

I hate the damned thing, always have. I wish lightning would strike it right now! Nothing on it works right. Now the wipers are all fucked up, couldn’t have picked a worse time. I’m hating a lot of things today but I hate that van more than anything I’ve ever hated before.


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2 thoughts on “Most hated object – 1998 Venture”

  1. GM = General Malevolence
    Took it in to Grismer’s this morning. The wiper motor and wiper transmission are bad. The transmission is a dealer only part so I won’t know what the damage to my finances will be until Monday. Did I ever mention that I hate that van? I am convinced it was engineered by Satan himself and built by demons.
    My dear wife is going to “loan” me the money to fix it from her secret checking account. Can she loan me some gas money too? I’ve never particularly liked the idea that there’s our money and her money. There is no “my” money. Shouldn’t it all be “our” money?
    I checked the IRS web site and it appears that my, I mean, our refund is scheduled to hit the bank on Tuesday. At least that gives me a faint glimmer of hope in this gloomy February.


  2. I paid the ransom on the van today but it won’t be ready until tomorrow. One of the parts didn’t arrive until very late this afternoon. It’s hard to believe I’ve sunk three grand into that evil thing in a month. I hope that’s the last major repair for a while, quite a while. And then there’s the truck. I hope I can get along without heat until it’s warm enough to actually try to do something with it. I’ve found instructions for back flushing the heater core but lacking a heated garage (or an unheated one for that matter), it will probably have to wait.


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