Fun with taxes and dead presidents

Song: Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
Artist: Crosby, Stills and Nash
Album: Crosby, Stills and Nash
Released: 1969

Today’s Quote: “It’s getting to the point where I’m no fun any more. I am sorry. Sometimes it hurts so badly I must cry out loud. I am lonely.” ~ Stephen Stills, Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

Phone Quotes
“I can see the time when every city will have one.” ~ An American mayor’s reaction to the news of the invention of the telephone.
“Communism is like one big phone company.” ~ Lenny Bruce
“All phone calls are obscene.” ~ Karen Elizabeth Gordon

It’s Presidents’ Day. What can we do to honor our Presidents? I know! Let’s have sales! Every shopping mall and retail store across this great nation of ours can honor those who have led our nation by reducing prices for a day! Patriotic Americans everywhere will go to these retail outlets and use currency with portraits of dead Presidents. What a wonderful idea! How patriotic! That’ll show the terrorists how tough we are!

After much frustration and an aborted chat session with an H&R Block agent, the IRS has finally accepted my tax return. I had to do a little work around concerning my 1099-R. Since the Defense Accounting and Finance office that sends out my retirement check is located in Kentucky, the software got confused when I told it the state taxes were paid to Ohio. I had to explicitly tell it that $0 went to Kentucky, then tell it that the money actually went to Ohio. WTF? I was concerned that I was going to have to tell the software to ignore the error but that would have meant I would have had to print the return and mail it to the IRS. What’s the point of doing it online if you can’t efile?

There’s no word yet on my state return. Supposedly the only thing holding that up was the 1099-R glitch in my federal return. After I had figured out my city taxes, I discovered that I had done my calculations, notes, and scribbling on the copy of the form I’m supposed to send in. Oops. They should put the taxpayer copy on top or conspicuously mark the copy to be filed as such. I guess I can go online and fill it out, download it, and print it. I’m sure it will wait until April. I don’t see giving Huber Heights its money any sooner than absolutely necessary. They’ll just squander it anyway. I’m wondering if I really need to send them the 3¢ the wife owes them. They only mention the less than a dollar thing in reference to refunds or credits, not amounts owed. I’m sure the greedy bastards want every penny that’s owed them.

For the time being I’ve chosen not to disclose any information about refunds or taxes owed. All will be revealed when the time is right. In the words of Mr. Spock, “It is not a lie to keep the truth to oneself.”


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