Avian Mating Day

Today’s Quote: “You could have handled it better.” ~ Homero Canales, to his client Grace Saenz-Lopez, who resigned as mayor of Alice, Tex., and now faces felony charges after she told her neighbors their dog was dead, then kept it.
Just what was the point of keeping the neighbors dead dog?

Song: Do You Feel Like We Do
Artist: Peter Frampton
Album: Frampton’s Camel
Released: 1973
This song is about a hangover. Yeah, I can see that.

That is just so brilliant.

Once again it is Avian Mating Day, better known as Valentine’s Day, the most infamous Hallmark holiday. There were no diamonds this year, not even flowers or chocolates. Not that those things prove my undying love. Those things are superficial and meaningless. Slaying dragons for her everyday and taking to heart the “for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health” part of the vows, that’s the real proof. True love is enduring and it does last forever. It’s unconditional and limitless although it can be tested to its limits. In Love Story (1970), Ryan O’Neal’s character says, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” To that I add, “But you say it anyway.”

When did I become a philosopher?


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3 thoughts on “Avian Mating Day”

  1. That cartoon is excellent.
    No diamonds or flowers here either. She said she’d kill me if I got her jewelry. We have more practical needs for money. I did wrote a few poems for her. Below is one that I wrote in the form of a Linux shell script.

    while [ $you in $mylife ]
      chown -R you ~/myheart


    1. That’s a great poem. And to top it off, Mandy gets it. She may not understand what you’re saying but she understands the intent and where it’s coming from. She appreciates your geekiness.
      Hauling trash tomorrow. My weekend plans also include doing my taxes, cleaning the litter box, buying some groceries, and something else. I’m sure I’ll remember it when I do it.


      1. The trip to the dump may have to be canceled due to lack of funds. Maybe I can beg for a few dollars in the morning. In case anyone missed the memo, the Rectum Bank has been closed for at least two years now.
        I guess I’ll have a great opportunity to lose weight too.


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