Friday Madness

Today’s Song: We’ve Got To Get Out Of This Place
Artist: The Animals
Album: Animal Tracks
Year: 1965

Today’s Quote: “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson

My mortgage payment is due today and I haven’t received a monthly statement or my 2007 tax information. I called the mortgage company’s special number for special people who have been deemed to be too financially retarded to handle their own affairs. I explained to the very friendly, yet condescending, representative that I had not yet received these documents. She explained that they may have been mailed separately and that due to my special category, a monthly statement may or may not be mailed to me during any given month.

I didn’t realize that knowing my balance, having a semi-convenient method of payment, and having the necessary information to file my taxes was such a privilege. Then she asked if I’d like to have an address where I could mail in my payment. Oh, may I? Like they were going to get the payment any other way. Then I asked if I could get the breakdown of how this payment was going to be divided. I have this thing about keeping track of my finances, something they don’t usually expect from a retard like me. She seemed to be a bit put out by this request but she gave me the information.

I can understand that because of my situation my account is handled differently and that they ought to be able to place certain restrictions on it. That makes sense and I’m okay with that.

However, since this is an account where it is absolutely imperative that I make the payment every month, wouldn’t it be beneficial to both the mortgage company and me if I had a convenient and reliable method of payment and the ability to review my account just to see where it’s at?

Online payments are obviously the most convenient and reliable method of payment but they’ve closed that avenue to me. I can’t even go online to see what my balance is, when my property taxes and homeowners insurance are going to be paid, what the escrow balance is, or how much interest I’ve paid. It makes absolutely no sense. Allowing me online access in no way endangers the mortgage company’s interests. But no, they’d rather depend on the United States Postal Service to get my payment and send me whatever information they wish me to see. They already post my check electronically so why not let me send it to them electronically? It saves everyone a lot of work.

The idea of not paying ever increasing rates for curbside trash pickup is very appealing to me. It seems that my current trash hauler increases their rates every quarter. Now they want $62.62 for the next three months of trash pickup. That’s over $20 a month which might be worthwhile if I had mountains of trash every week. I’m thinking it would be much cheaper if I got an extra trash can and took them to the dump every couple of weeks or as needed. That would cost me less $10 a month, including fuel. I was also thinking I could get containers for my recyclables then take them to a recycling center where I would actually get money for them instead of paying someone to recycle them on my behalf. I definitely think I should cancel the service. You with me, kids? (This month having that extra $62.62 in my checking account would be very handy.)

Why do things like “I’ve been getting blue screens all day” or “You need to set up a new system to be ready first thing Monday morning” always occur around 4:30 on a Friday afternoon? I guess that’s what the “exempt” part of being an exempt employee means. It means that I’m exempt from enjoying two days away from this place, I’m exempt from having a personal life. Well, I’m going to try to enjoy my weekend anyway and put my place of employment out of my mind for two days.

I hear there’s supposed to be some kind of big, important football game this weekend. If there isn’t going to be any gratuitous nudity, I’m not interested.


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2 thoughts on “Friday Madness”

  1. The papers from the mortgage company that I’m not necessarily entitled to receive arrived today. Better late than never I suppose. Now I have everything I need to file my tax return except the software. That will probably have to wait a couple of weeks.
    In the meantime, I’ve decided to either not pay my trash hauler just yet or cancel them altogether. (canceling seems to be the way I’m leaning at the moment.) That will give me a little extra money but I’ll still be struggling to afford groceries and gasoline. The realities of Bush’s economic plan. Do the people who voted for him in the last two elections realize how badly he’s screwed them?


  2. If there was a big, important football game yesterday, I haven’t heard much about it. I’m guessing there was no gratuitous or indigenous nudity. What’s the point, then?


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