Just Got Paid, Charity Accepted

Today’s Quote: “Blind faith in bad leaders is not patriotism” ~ bumpersticker

Song: Just Got Paid
Artist: ZZ Top
Album: Rio Grande Mud
Released: 1972

Yep, I just got paid. I get paid again tomorrow and she also gets paid tomorrow. This morning I paid the remaining ransom on the van and purchased a quarter tank of gas. By the time I pay the mortgage and the other bills that are due, we’ll have about $100 on which to survive until we get paid again on the 15th. That has to cover groceries and gas for the next two weeks. Impossible you say? You are absolutely correct! Charity is gladly accepted.

I guess I’m easily amused but I always get a chuckle whenever I see one of those “Adequate Maintenance” vans on the highway. I like the name, Adequate Maintenance. It’s not great maintenance but it’s not bad either. It’s good enough. One of these days I’ll have to get a picture of one. They’re a rare sight and since I usually see them while driving down the freeway, snapping a picture is easier said than done. I also get a chuckle when I leave a construction zone and see a sign saying, “Resume legal speed”. Is the state implying that the speed I maintained in the construction zone was illegal? Maybe it was, but the burden of proof is on them.


Author: Rick

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