Watching too much TV

Today’s Quote: “Vengeance is not the point; change is. But the trouble is that in most [people’s] minds the thought of victory and the thought of punishing the enemy coincide.” ~ Barbara Deming

Song: A Fool For Your Stockings
Artist: ZZ Top
Album: Degüello
Released: 1979

Whilst lying on the couch, watching the telly, Mally surprised me by curling up in my lap and letting me pet her. Those of you who know Mally, that’s very unusual behavior. She can be very affectionate but it’s always on her terms and she seldom allows anyone to pet her more than a couple of strokes before she makes a game of it.

When Mally first climbed into my lap, Hooze was sleeping on the other couch. A while later she came over and glared at Mally for having the audacity to take her place with me on the couch. Hooze climbed up on the other end of the couch and they growled at each other menacingly then she climbed up on the back and lay there. They glared at each other for a while. Thankfully, they didn’t do battle on my lap.

In general, I don’t care for most commercials on television but lately there have been a few that amuse me.

One is the Dominoes commercial where the guy informs his wife that he’s just ordered a pizza, and they’ve got 30 minutes. He looks at her suggestively and says, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” She smiles at him and says, “Yeah, but what will we do with the other 28 minutes?”

Another one I like is an Arby’s commercial where a young couple is by the water and she suggests a dip. She walks toward the water as she begins stripping off her clothes. She’s skinny-dipping while her fool boyfriend is heading to Arby’s. Fool!

I also like the Dunkin Donuts commercial where everyone is singing “Doing things is what I like to do.”

And finally, there’s an ad for an Always feminine hygiene product talking about how girls in Africa miss a lot of school because of their periods. (They miss periods because they’re having their periods.) So Always is sending maxi-pads to the third world so girls there can get a better education. Pretty damned thoughtful of them, isn’t it?

Only 12 more days! I just know the time is going to pass with an unbearably agonizing slowness.


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  1. Another one
    There’s a Cheetos ad I like. It’s the one set in the laundromat. Some blonde tells this other girl that “other people are doing their laundry too” or something to that effect. The Cheetos character reminds the second girl that the blonde’s whites are in the dryer then the second girl puts several handfuls in the dryer full of whites and restarts the dryer. Love it!


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