Naked & Slightly Chilled

Today’s Quote: “I walk around buck nekkid. My kids hate it, but I walk around the house with no drawers on. I go commando in my house!” ~ Tracy Morgan (SNL alumnus)

Song: Naked and Warm (Heaven! Oh! Heaven)
Artist: Bill Withers
Album: Naked and Warm
Released: 1976

It’s difficult to be naked and warm in a Huber home this time of year. I know insulation was nearly unheard of back in 1960 but the place was remodeled in the early ’90s. So why didn’t they insulate it then? (I guess it’s a refurbished Huber Home.)

Once I’m released from poverty, I have plans to do some extreme makeovers to the house. That will include ripping down the drywall on all outside walls and putting in insulation, new outside doors, and replacing the rest of the windows. That’s still about three years down the road. In the meantime I have to deal with the drafts, the energy leakage, and the outrageous utility bills.

I’ve survived two weeks without her although it seems longer, like about three weeks. But seriously, I miss her a whole bunch. As of today, the countdowns are 1, 6, and 17. I couldn’t get to sleep so I called her and gave her the sad news. At first she thought I was talking about Mally.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I’m more emotional than I seem to be on the surface. I think I witnessing their grief probably had a greater affect on me although I am saddened by the loss of a beloved pet. As much as I curse Hooze and Mally (especially Hooze), I have formed a deep attachment to them and I would grieve for them.

Caged Birds: The Psychological Toll Of The Day Job is an interesting essay. I know the feeling all too well.


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