Will it dissolve?

Today’s Quote: “Only exceptionally rational men can afford to be absurd.” ~ Allan Goldfein
(That does not imply that George is an exceptionally rational man. I’m not sure he can afford to be absurd.)

Song: White Room
Artist: Cream
Album: Wheels Of Fire
Released: 1968

Is there any substance known to man that will dissolve in milk? I fixed myself a glass of chocolate milk recently and the powder just formed lumps that floated on the surface. It’s been my experience that even the chocolate syrups don’t dissolve completely. What’s up with that? How are you supposed to enjoy a nice, cold glass of chocolate milk when you’re choking on choco-clumps with each swallow? It looks like dirty milk!

On one of the How It’s Made episodes this evening, they had a segment on how computers were made. I learned that internal modems were very important for inter-computer communications. I’d forgotten that. The segment on how dentures were made was interesting. It’s like watching those educational films in elementary school.

The countdowns are 4, 9, and 20. It’s unusual for me to have three things to look forward to at once in the span of three weeks.


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