Penultimate Day

Today’s Quote: “It is a fine thing to establish one’s own religion in one’s heart, not to be dependent on tradition and second-hand ideals.” ~ D. H. Lawrence

Song: One Toke Over The Line
Artist: Brewer & Shipley
Album: Tarkio
Released: 1970
Jerry Garcia played steel guitar on this.

That’s right, it’s Penultimate Day, the next to the last day of the year. This is the day of the year I dust off the resolutions I made and the goals I set 364 days ago and try to figure out which ones met untimely deaths, sort of made it, or met with success. I set one goal and made five resolutions. It also marks the day that I begin to seriously consider the coming year and start the process all over again.

My goal was to lose some weight and get more exercise. I was doing alright the first half of the year and then it all fell apart. I’m still at the same weight and degree of flabbiness I was a year ago. In 2008, I’m going to try again because I know it’s something that I really need to do.

Of the five resolutions I made, I followed through on one, did very good on another, and failed miserably on the other three. On the surface, that doesn’t seem to good but that’s still about a 40% success rate and it’s a lot better than I do most years.

Trying to put away some money was probably a lost cause from the beginning. It’s hard to save money when you don’t have much to begin with. Having to replace the furnace in April didn’t help. I meant to get back into my genealogy research in a bigger way but that didn’t pan out. I also meant to read more but that didn’t really materialize either. The only book I read was the seventh Harry Potter book. So much for trying to enrich my mind through literature.

Then there were the successful resolutions. This past year I was able to resist the Dark Side. While it may not be completely vanquished, it’s no longer a serious threat to my sanity. (It may that its voice has been lost in the cacophony of the other voices.) The other success was in expanding my horizons as a naturist. I got out there and found it to be quite liberating, comfortable, relaxing and fun. I highly recommend it. Life is short, play naked.


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