Most Influential Babies?

Song: Thank You
Artist: Led Zeppelin
Album: Led Zeppelin II
Year: 1969
Notes: Great cover by Tesla on their 2007 CD Real to Reel which is a collection of classic rock covers. (Gift hint!) They have a great version of Signs on their A Peace of Time CD, also released in 2007.

Today’s Quote: “There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge.” ~ Bertrand Russell

I had the television on in the bedroom this morning, just to have some sort of clue about the weather and traffic conditions. I generally don’t pay much attention to the rest of it. Let’s face it, half the time the biggest news story of the day is the weather. I really don’t understand this abnormal preoccupation with the weather here. Yeah, it’s good to know whether or not it’s going to rain or snow or it it’s going to be hot or cold. But I don’t plan my life around it although it may cause me to alter my plans. After all, I’m not going to rake my leaves if there’s a foot of snow on the ground.

But I digress. Whilst getting my stuff together this morning, I heard a blurb on The Early Show or whatever that caught my attention. The story was about … are you ready for this? … The most influential babies of 2007. Give me a break! Do I really care what Angelina Jolie’s brat is wearing this season? Are we going to make decisions about what clothes we give our grandchildren based on what Hollyweird celebrities are putting on their children? I think not. The reporter said something to the effect that having a child humanizes Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Whatever. I don’t care how many kids he fathers or adopts, my low opinion of him as an actor or a human being won’t change. (Actually, I don’t have any opinion of Tom Cruise as a human being, even if he is a Scientologist, which I don’t hold against him.)

I guess our celebrity obsessions take our minds off of the real problems in the world. Our attention on their freak show lives helps us forget what a freak show our own lives are. (I thought about trying to get on Dr. Phil but I don’t think I’m dysfunctional enough to make the cut.)

Oh by the way, Nicholas (aka Pickles) gets my vote for most influential baby of 2007.


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