I need to rinse my mind

Song: Revolution
Artist: The Beatles
Album: The Beatles (aka The White Album)
Year: 1968

Today’s Quote: “You better free your mind instead.” ~ John Lennon, Revolution, 1968

WARNING!This post contains imagery that may be disturbing and not for the prudish. Reader disgression is advised.

I was flipping through the channels late Sunday night when I stumbled upon a show called Talk Sex With Sue Johanson on the Oxygen channel (11PM). Sue is an elderly woman, looks to be in her 70s.

She was rating some kind of vibrating dildo that can be used in the bathtub and going on about how she had trouble using the controls. I’m still trying to erase that image from my mind.

There was a call in portion of the show and there are some freaks out there. She explained how ben-wa balls worked. That was okay although the idea that Sue might have recent firsthand knowledge of this is another image I’m trying to erase.

Another caller had a Mexican boyfriend who wanted to put hot sauce on her woman parts to spice up oral sex (bad idea by the way). One caller’s boyfriend had a foot fetish and wanted her to put her big toe where the sun doesn’t shine. I’m pretty open minded but there are some things I just don’t want to know.

As I once heard the Naked Trucker say, “I need to rinse my mind.”


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.