My Kingdom for an Omelette

Song: Roundabout
Artist: Yes
Album: Fragile
Year: 1971

Today’s Quote: “Some days I think that everyone is a nudist at heart. We’re born naked, we bathe naked, we make love naked, but as a society we generally do not socialize naked, except for the lucky few who have managed to come to the realization that clothing is not only unnecessary, but that it serves to imprison the true self.” ~ Nudiarist, The Nudist in Me, The Nude Life, 6 November 2007

I just wanted a ham and cheese omelet this morning, just a simple omelet, nothing fancy. I used to be able to make a passable omelet but this morning’s attempt ended in dismal failure, a burnt runny mess that ended up in the garbage. It wasn’t that long ago that I was able to create this simple breakfast fare or at least a palatable resemblance of it. Maybe it was further in the past than I image. I don’t know.

Despite my failed attempt at culinary competence, I still wanted an omelet so I reluctantly covered my nakedness and went to a place where I knew I could find an omelet for a reasonable price, the Family Diner in Fairborn. My craving was finally sated and I was reasonably happy again (or as happy as I generally get).

There seem to be lots of things I used to be able to do that, for whatever reason, I can’t do any more. It may be that I no longer have the physical ability any longer or I’ve forgotten how. In some cases it may be that I’m no longer allowed to do certain things because of social pressure, legal prohibitions, obligations, or whatever. I suppose there are some things I used to do when I was younger that would just be silly if I did them now. There are also some things I never did when I was younger but would like to do anyway.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.