Sometimes life is better muted

Song: No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
Artist: The Guess Who
Album: American Woman
Year: 1970
Notes: The best Rock and Roll album. Ever. I don’t care what your pastor says. *

Today’s Quote: “You can be right or you can be happy. You can’t be both.” ~ Ralphie May, advice to men in relationships

Comedians are our philosophers. There is truth in comedy. Stand-up may be a relatively new form but I think comedy as philiosophy has been around quite a while. Consider people like Will Rogers, Mark Twain, and Ben Franklin. Did Socrates and Plato do stand-up? Even the ancient Greeks must have had comedy.

I missed the beginning of last night’s South Park but what I saw was pretty good. I’ll have to catch the whole thing tonight. I also made an important discovery about The Sarah Silverman Program — it’s a hell of a lot better with the sound muted. I almost enjoyed watching it. Judging from the previews, tonight’s Drawn Together should be interesting.

* I got most of my Guess Who albums from a friend whose pastor told him that Rock and Roll was the Devil’s music. He felt that throwing them out would be almost sacrilegious so he gave them to me, his heathen friend, who would give them a good home.


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