Song: Pearl Necklace
Artist: ZZ Top
Album: El Loco
Year: 1981

Today’s Quote: “Not only is the media guilty of sexualizing the female breast, the government has now become its enabler, complicit in objectifying female anatomy for the pleasure of males.” ~ Nudiarist, Ohio Court Rules Against Topfreedom, Diary of a Nudist, 31 October 2007

The other day, Nudiarist posted Ohio Court Rules Against Topfreedom in Diary of a Nudist. Like Nudiarist, I find this ruling disturbing and a big step backwards when other Ohio court decisions had previously supported top freedom. I agree that the government has no business deciding what is an “erogenous zone” or which erogenous zones can be displayed in public. Nor should the government be controlling or determining societal norms. Everyday we see more and more places considering bans on certain types of clothes they deem offensive. The government has no business dictating fashion. We are truly becoming a fascist state.

It seems quite obvious that the State of Ohio considers women to be second-class citizens. The court’s opinion essentially said that while publicly exposed male breasts may occasionally be offensive (but never illegal), publicly exposed women’s breasts are always offensive and always illegal. There is far too much legislation dictating what a woman can or cannot do with her own breasts. The government’s attitude is women can never be equal because they have breasts (or they lack a penis). As long as this attitude prevails, women will never have equal rights under the law.


Author: Rick

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