Son of FrankenWeb

Song: The First Cut Is The Deepest
Artist: Cat Stevens
Album: New Masters
Year: 1967
Notes: The most well known covers were by Rod Stewart and Sheryl Crow. I still prefer Cat Steven’s version although I do like the musical arrangement on Stewart’s cover.

Today’s Quote: “What we don’t say becomes a secret, and secrets often create shame and fear and myths.” ~ Eve Ensler, The Vagina Monologues

I’ve been trying to install Ubuntu 7.10 server. I think it’s strange that during the setup I’m never prompted to set a root password. Much of the configuration requires login as root. I’ve found a trick to edit sudo so that it doesn’t require a password but there’s no security in that method. I installed LAMP but I’m sure there’s some configuration to be done and I need to set up folders with permissions and all that. I wish I knew what the hell I was doing. My Linux skills are extremely lacking. The Penguin Force is not strong with me. I’m not even a padawan. I’m probably too old to start the training.

I’m concerned about all the lockups with FrankenWeb lately. This new server could be Son of FrankenWeb. If I can figure out how to log in as root, I might even be able to make it work with a static IP address. Wouldn’t that be swell? It would also be swell if I could install a browser, an FTP client, and some other software. A GUI interface might be nice too.


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2 thoughts on “Son of FrankenWeb”

  1. FrankenWeb locked up again this morning. The lockups are occurring more frequently. I think it’s time to get Son of FrankenWeb configured and running. A friend of mine who also runs this version of Ubuntu set me straight on the root password. I’ll do some reading today and see if I can figure out some of these other things.
    In other news, I’ve noticed that I’ve run out of ports on my switches. Right now I have two ports on the Netgear switch that are currently not in active use. One is the second drop in my room and the other is for the freakin’ long Ethernet cable I use for my laptop. Time to upgrade to a 16-port switch? Or maybe upgrade the router for one with a wireless access point? A Linksys WRT54G or WRT54GS wouldn’t be that expensive. Maybe Santa will bring me one.


  2. So far, it’s looking good. I’ve given it a static IP address and installed Gnome. There are still things to be done. Apache, MySQL, and other web-related stuff need to be configured. the web sites need to be ported over, and the pass-through settings on the router need to be changed. It’ll be fun, really it will.


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