Just another Thursday in Oblivionland

Today’s Song: Come And Get It
Artist: Badfinger
Album: Magic Christian Music
Year: 1970
Notes: Paul McCartney wrote this song for the 1969 movie, The Magic Christian. Badfinger was one of the first groups to sign with Apple Records and this was their first single. McCartney recorded the demo, playing all the instruments. He produced the song and insisted they play it exactly the way he had played it on the demo. Therefore, Badfinger’s single and Paul’s demo sound exactly alike.

Today’s Quote: “The true patriot supports his country at all times, and his government when it deserves it.” ~ Mark Twain

Today was an incredibly long and dreary day. I was doing some serious multi-tasking this afternoon. Okay, heavy task-switching. I was dealing with someone’s wireless connection, reloading a hard drive, installing AutoCAD, taking care of my backup tapes, and moving a bunch of phone lines on the punch block. I’m not supposed to be that busy when I’m at the Troy office. That’s supposed to be where I go to relax. I was busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest. But when the smoke cleared around 6:30 this evening, I stood alone.

I watched the second part of the South Park trilogy. Among the evil beings in Imagination Land I noticed some classic villains as well as a few that were more obscure, for instance, Mordred, from the movie Excalibur. I thought it was great that Stan’s imaginary Christmas critters were the most evil beings in Imagination Land. Those characters were beyond evil.

The Council of Nine on the good side was quite an eclectic group but Luke Skywalker? I found it interesting (and probably disturbing to some) that Jesus was included. Not so much that he was on the council but that he was considered “imaginary”. That probably went over most people’s heads.

Cartman’s valiant attempts to revive Kyle were not selfless. He needed Kyle alive to suck his balls. Ah, there are so many Cartmans in the world, demanding that we suck their balls..

I was kind of disappointed with Drawn Together. It was weak. I think the writers are getting desperate. They’ve lost the original premise of the show which was a Big Brother type of reality show. Now it’s become Friends.


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