Living in Oblivion

Today’s Song: What Am I Living For
Artist: Mark-Almond
Album: Mark-Almond 73
Year: 1973

Today’s Quote: “Dress codes are the complete opposite of nudism. Nudists believe when one sheds all clothing, one also sheds the burdens and definitions imposed by society. Nudism is neither capitalist nor communist – it is a form of humanism, a search for truth and morality by returning to a more natural state of man. Telling people what they can wear, and when they can wear it, only serves to falsify who and what we truly are.” ~ Nudiarist, Dress Codes, Diary of a Nudist, 19 October 2007

Some would say that nudists also have dress codes since nearly all nudist venues require or strongly encourage nudity. If you’re going to use the pool, hot tub, or sauna, you must be nude. Even clothing optional resorts usually limit body coverings to sarongs, pareos, or maybe a long T-shirt. But I understand the point he’s making. While nakedness may be the nudist uniform of the day, unlike school and military uniforms, each “uniform” is unique. In the clothed world, dress codes are implemented to ensure conformity and uniformity so that everyone is indistinguishable from everyone else in appearance, behavior, and thought. In contrast, the nudist “dress code” celebrates the differences among us and encourages personal freedom.

I’ve tentatively scheduled my remaining vacation days. I’m fairly confident they’ll be approved. Our director has stated a preference that we not take vacation during the “holidays” but I’m going out on a limb and assuming he meant Christmas. I’ve never taken the three days immediately preceding Thanksgiving and after almost eight years, I feel I’ve earned the indulgence. There are only a couple of months left and it’s hard to work seven vacation days around my objectives and projects, recurring tasks, and the remaining company holidays. I’ll still be obligated to perform some work-related duties on those days off simply because they need to be done and they won’t get done unless I do them.

I like the word, thong. It resonates when spoken out loud. You can visualize the word vibrating. Skinny-dipping is another fun word, though for different reasons. It’s a word that’s spontaneous, fun and free, the sort of thing I’d like to do on a Saturday.


Author: Rick

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