SP-DT Review

Today’s Song: Charlotte the Harlot
Artist: Iron Maiden
Album: Iron Maiden
Year: 1980

Today’s Quote: “It’s a very, very dramatic and simultaneously joyous experience. To see so many people naked together takes you to a universal place. I’m not sure where, but it’s a place where we all belong.” ~ Carlos Betancourt, a Miami artist who took part in Spencer Tunick’s 8 Oct 07 installation at the Sagamore Hotel in Miami Beach, FL

This week’s South Park was just so wrong but I loved it for its wrongness. The truth about Bono revealed?

The jury is out on this week’s Drawn Together. I liked their treatment of Charlotte’s Web. Charlotte’s comment about inter-species sex was priceless. Captain Hero is still in gay denial. What a wuss. Ling-Ling’s story was quite touching but his usually are. The Pokemon reference was quite blatant, wasn’t it?


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2 thoughts on “SP-DT Review”

  1. Let’s find a cure for CRS
    Charlotte’s comment about inter-species sex was priceless.
    I just wish I could remember what it was. I do know it was funny.


    1. Re: Let’s find a cure for CRS
      “That was the best inter-species sex since Matthew Broderick nailed Sarah Jessica Parker.” ~ Charlotte the spider to Spanky Hamm, Drawn Together, 11 October 2007
      I knew I’d remember it eventually. Actually, I watched it again and wrote it down in my journal. Dear Diary, …


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