Not quite biased reviews

Today’s Song: White Rabbit
Artist: The Jefferson Airplane
Album: Surrealistic Pillow
Year: 1967

Today’s Quote: “Getting naked with others should be mandatory as part of the human experience.” ~ Nudiarist, Diary of a Nudist, 7 October 2007
Bonus Quote: “Feed your head.” ~ Grace Slick, White Rabbit

Sunday night I watched two-thirds of Comedy Central’s catch of last week’s new episodes. South Park was pretty good, especially if you like to hear that sort of language. It also demonstrated the lengths some people will go to promote their ignorance and how stupid people are for letting them.

I muted the TV and went off to do some other mindless activity rather than subject myself to The Sarah Silverman Program. Why again did I ever think she was funny? Oh yeah, she sang Amazing Grace in three-part harmony with all of her orifices that will accept a cock.

Drawn Together this season is still an unknown quantity since the season premier was just a continuation of last season’s finale. Let’s see how this week’s episode goes. The first two seasons were great but the third season was way too much Captain Hero denying his flaming homosexuality. At least Xandir seems to be comfortable with his orientation.

I caught Discovery’s Last One Standing last week. I don’t normally go for all the macho posturing bullshit but it was okay. Like, I was so sad when Jason failed to bring glory to all the BMX racers of the world. I thought the show dealt with “indigenous nudity” as God intended, without censor bars or pixelation. When simple nudity is portrayed as a natural, normal, everyday, no big deal part of life (in ANY culture), it should not be censored. Censorship hides nothing; we all know what the parts behind the bars and pixels look like and most of us have the very same parts so what’s the big deal? We can learn from those people living in the South American jungle. When it’s 95 degrees with 85% humidity, what makes more sense, sweltering in sweat-soaked clothing, or letting the sweat naturally evaporate off your naked body? In which state are you going to feel cooler?


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