The same but without clothing

Today’s Song: What a Fool Believes
Artist: The Doobie Brothers
Album: Minute by Minute
Year: 1978

Today’s Quote: “It’s basically like a country club with the added element of clothing being optional.” ~ Creek County (OK) Commissioner Dana Hudgins regarding the Oaklake Trails Naturist Park‘s zoning requests to expand and improve their facilities.

Oaklake Trails Naturist Park
That statement describes almost any nudist or naturist venue. They are just like their textile equivalents. The only difference is that being nude is strongly encouraged or, in some cases, required and they ask that you carry a towel to sit on. Other than that, there really isn’t much difference except that nudists and naturists tend to be friendlier and better behaved than a lot of the people at the clothed places.

I had a fairly relaxing day, probably because I was at the Troy office. I like working up there for several reasons. The commute back and forth is a lot easier, the atmosphere is laid back, and it’s just a helluva lot more peaceful and relaxing in general.

I had to come up first thing in the morning to restore some files but I had a few help desk tickets and little projects to do as well. By the time I finished everything up, it was three o’clock and I just didn’t see much point in driving 30 miles to West Carrollton, staying for an hour and a half or less, and then fighting the northbound I-75 traffic through Dayton.

So I cleaned up my work area a bit and fixed an old broken computer that was under the desk. I had thought it was a goner but I managed to resurrect it. I think I just might adopt it. It would make a good server for my MP3 collection. Through our employee discount I can get a couple of 160GB drives for about $60 apiece. It’s very tempting, very tempting indeed.


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