Alms for the poor

Today’s Song: And When I Die
Artist: Blood, Sweat & Tears
Album: Blood, Sweat & Tears
Year: 1969
Notes: Written by Laura Nyro who released it on her first album, More Than A New Discovery in 1967. It was first recorded in 1966 by Peter, Paul and Mary. I’d love to hear those versions of the song as I’m sure they’re much different than the BS&T rendition. Laura Nyro also wrote Eli’s Coming, recorded by Three Dog Night.

[9/30/17 edit: Listened to Laura Nyro’s rendition and it’s good. a natural choice for BS&T. The Peter, Paul and Mary version is good but it’s  their typical folk style and it’s not as dynamic as Nyro and BS&T. Her version of Eli’s Coming rocks! She’s got a great voice. I need to get some of albums. I can’t believe I waited this long to listen to her.]

Today’s Quote: “Think about how stupid the average human is – and remember that by definition, half of them are even stupider than that!” ~ unknown
(And some of them can actually become President. Please note that I didn’t say “elected’.)

We’re getting yet another donation of used furniture today. It’s another sofa. I haven’t seen it yet but I’ll be picking it up this afternoon. I hope it will be an improvement over the last donation which we’ve moved to another area of the living room. I’m hoping it will not become a permanent fixture there as I want nothing more than to haul it away to the dump. I have a deep hatred for that piece of crap. It’s uncomfortable to sit on or sleep on and it’s rather ugly as well. More items have been moved into the spare room. There needs to be a purge, and soon. Know anyone that needs a queen-size bed frame and headboard? How about half of a wooden (twin-size) bunk bed with mattress board?

Well, a new living room set is on my ever-growing list of things to get when I finally get out of indentured servitude. There are only 37 months remaining on my sentence. Is that light I see at the end of the tunnel or is it just my mind playing tricks on me? Strangely, as much as I’m looking forward to completing my indentured servitude, I dread what will most likely follow when all that net income becomes available again. It scares the shit out of me and gives me nightmares.


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