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Today’s Song: Freedom Of Choice
Artist: Devo
Album: Freedom Of Choice
Year: 1980

Today’s Quote: “Television is the first truly democratic culture – the first culture available to everybody and entirely governed by what the people want. The most terrifying thing is what people do want.” — Clive Barnes

I disagree. Television is governed by the advertising media who give us what they tell us we want. Otherwise, how else could they sell us Happy Meals, luxury cars, and all that other crap we don’t really need? The people do not know what they want. They want what they are told they want. (Would you like a Happy Meal with that diamond?)

I also disagree with the Ditech commercial that says, “People are smart.” Bullshit! As a group, people are stupid, a flock of mindless sheep in a petting zoo, willing eat garbage out of any hand offered them.

Have you ever noticed that you rarely see modestly priced, economical family cars advertised on TV? It’s always some overpriced gas guzzling luxury SUV, some other luxury car (Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, etc.) or an oversized pick up truck. You never see a vehicle that’s practical for the average person. Oh, we are so inadequate.

Why hasn’t Delta thought of this?
Nepal has come up with a unique solution to problems with their state-owned airline; they sacrificed a couple of goats. Much cheaper than hiring expensive consultants, competent staff, or doing maintenance. If the planes crash, it’s because the gods apparently weren’t happy with the sacrifice, therefore all those people had to die. (Article)

Woe unto the heretics armed with facts and reason
In Wacko Waco, Texas, Bill Nye the science guy caught some flak because he dared to proclaim that the moon reflects light rather than producing it. (Article) I suppose he would have been flayed alive if he’d stated that the Earth was not the center of the universe nor did everything revolved around it. What if he had said the Earth was not flat? They might have stoned him where he stood.

It’s pretty convenient to pick a random verse out of the Bible, take it literally, and base your whole belief system on it while choosing to ignore nearly all of God’s other words. Is that “free will” in action or is it “God’s will”? The two concepts seem contradictory unless free will is only an illusion and it’s God’s will that we believe we have free will.

It’s my belief that each generation should possess more knowledge and be more enlightened than the generation that preceded them. If current affairs and recent history are any indication, the past few generations are much less knowledgeable and enlightened than the preceding generations. We are definitely moving backwards.

“Freedom of choice is what you’ve got, freedom from choice is what you want.” — Devo


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