Searching for satellite signal….

It rained this evening, which meant that I lost my satellite TV signal but only to the receiver in the living room. The other receiver worked perfectly. The problem had to lie in either the receiver itself or, more than likely, in the cable that connects it to the dish.

I called Customer Service and got the ungodly annoying voice activated menus. I tried that trick of just not responding and it seemed to work. At least I was allowed to press buttons although the automated system trying to walk me through all the trouble shooting steps I’d already gone through was quite annoying.

Eventually, I got through to a live person who seemed to be a US resident. However, she was not a technician, just someone who can read a script. I was finally able to convince her that it wasn’t working and she scheduled a technician to come out and look at it — on September 24th. UNACCEPTABLE! But I took it anyway. She gave me the 800 number for a local provider who might be able to get someone out sooner.

I went to DirecTV’s web site, and found their email link. I sent them a scathing email detailing my ongoing problem with the service, how 16 days for a technician was totally unacceptable, that I didn’t think it was installed properly in the first place, and that I was ready to go back to cable. I also advised them to lose the voice-activated crap. If I have to call support I’m already upset and I really don’t need the added aggravation of having to talk to a computer.

The only thing that keeps me from calling Time-Warner is the Filipino programming. I’m not about to suggest to her that she live without it. That has to be her idea. I am absolutely unwilling to endure the Hell that would result from me suggesting it.


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2 thoughts on “Searching for satellite signal….”

  1. Still searching for some of the signals
    I’ve got part of my satellite signal back. I traced back all the cables, removed them from inside my gutters, and tightened all the connections. I have everything but the Filipino channels in the living room now. I have everything back on the bedroom set. Beats the hell out me how the signal from that dish can only find it’s way to one receiver. The switch box is suppose to route everything to both receivers. I guess I’ll have to call again.
    I got an apologetic email from DirecTV. I guess I’ve got them worried I might switch back to cable. Someone is supposed to call me in the next couple of days. We’ll see.


  2. Found the signals
    After the grandchildren went home, I bravely made another call to DirecTV. I have four different numbers I can call but they all take me to the same menu hell. I finally got through to a genuine American homo sapien, explained yesterday’s situation, what I’d done today, and that I still wasn’t getting the international channels on the one receiver. He had me go into the settings and have it auto-detect the satellite information. It took several minutes but those four channels came back. Problem solved.
    I had thought about doing the auto-detect earlier but there was this dire warning on the screen. The DirecTV dude told me that it can’t hurt to do it. I guess I still need to cancel the tech on the 24th but do I want to go through menu hell just for that? Well, the email said someone would contact me in a day or two. I guess I can cancel it then.


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