Why Must Vacations End?

Today’s Song: Radar Love
Artist: Golden Earring
Album: Moontan
Year: 1973

Today’s Quote: “A sane and sensory life is an apt definition of what a nudist or naturist is trying to achieve. The more we struggle with the idea of the human body as an object of mass consumption, the more we should be coming to the realization that the only way out of the cultural morass is to simply reject the idea, to strip away the false trappings of society and get back to something of what we all really are. Getting naked is not only primal, it is healing, it is truth personified.” — Nudiarist, Global Politics of the Breast, Diary of a Nudist, 5 August 2007

Is it a coincidence that this week my blood pressure has been consistently lower than any other time this month? Looking at the chart, I can easily tell when I was on vacation. It’s also interesting to note that my blood pressure was up the morning of each of my getaways this summer and substantially lower the day after. It may or may not be significant but it is an interesting observation. I’m inclined to say that these getaways are beneficial to my health.

I’m not looking forward to going back to work. I’ve had a relaxing week and have no real desire to return to the stress. Unfortunately, I haven’t won the lottery so I have no choice but to whore myself for The Man. It doesn’t help that I’m looking for another pimp so I can whore myself part-time in order that I might be able to afford a few luxuries like car repairs, dental work, household maintenance.


Author: Rick

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