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Today’s Quote: “We may think we can trade liberty for security or equality. On the contrary, we can have the measure of security and equality which we deserve only if we preserve liberty. If we trade liberty, we shall have nothing. And yet we are constantly being advised to trade it.” — Henry Ford

The deficit is looming. As of this morning, the checkbook balance is $85.27 in the red. The weekend expenditures will clear today and there’s a good chance that today’s spending could clear tomorrow. it may not but it’s a risk I can’t afford to take, since the entire world considers me to be financially incompetent.

I did some rough calculations and I have approximately 39 hours of free time a week, out of a total of 168 available hours. At least 50 hours each week are directly related to employment. That’s time at work, commuting to and from, and lunch. Assuming eight hours of sleep a night, that’s 56 more hours, leaving 62 hours a week. There’s probably another 23 hours a week devoted to grooming, hygiene, meals, and getting dressed. That leaves 39 hours of free time every week. If I give up just one hour of sleep a week, I’ve got enough time for another full time job. Here I was thinking I might not have enough time to take a part-time job.

Coupling (all 4 seasons)
I love this show on BBC America. I’d love to have this set. (I’ll find a way.)


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