Today’s Song: Kissing Willie
Artist: Jethro Tull
Album: Rock Island
Year: 1989

Today’s Quote: “I need to speak to the Jedi Council. The situation has become much more complicated.” — Qui-Gon Jinn, Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace

While watching Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace this afternoon, I noticed the video was alternating between color and black & white. Since I’d been putting up with a crappy picture for some time and the boss has been complaining about it too, I decided it would be a good time to rewire it, especially now that Rob’s video games boxes are no longer there. It also looked a good time to move the equipment from the top of the video cabinet to the shelf in the entertainment unit.

I unplugged it all and sorted out the cables. Then I moved the satellite receiver, DVD player, and VCR underneath the TV and started wiring it up. It seems that I eliminated a lot of cables and the whole thing is a lot better organized. The satellite receiver video is now connected directly to the TV via an S-Video cable and the audio goes directly into the surround sound system. I still have a coaxial cable to the VCR so we can tape off it but we no longer have to have the satellite on channel 3. The DVD player’s video goes through an RCA cable with the audio going into the surround sound. The VCR connects through the coaxial cable.

I can’t get over how great the picture looks. I had forgotten that it could look that clear. In this case, the situation became less complicated.

There are still other matters pending for the Jedi Council. Perhaps I’ll take those up another day.

I haven’t heard anything from the IVOR (Irrational Voice of Reason) in quite a while. Just where is that cross-dressing, bisexual, poor excuse for a conscience any way? I should have held out for Cosmo and Wanda.



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One thought on “Rewired”

  1. The IVOR has been conspicuously absent from the voices in my head for quite a while as have many of my former demons. My mind is a lot quieter without them and I really don’t miss them. There are still a few voices remaining, mostly close allies of the ego but they don’t carry much influence. Occasionally, the Dark Side will cast its shadow on me, usually manifesting in the form of unresolved issues from that dark time. Eventually, I’m sure I’ll have to confront the Dark Side so I can finally let go of it.


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