Inbredapalooza & AC

Today’s Song: White Room
Artist: Cream
Album: Wheels of Fire
Year: 1968


Today’s Quote: “Mr. Speaker, I withdraw. Half the cabinet are NOT asses.” — Benjamin Disraeli, apologising for insensitive remarks.


On my way to work this morning I saw they were erecting the orange fences in front of Thomas Cloud park. That can only mean one thing. Inbredapalooza is coming to town! OK, it’s officially known as “A Day in the Country” but if you’ve ever attended or been near this event, you’ve seen firsthand evidence as to why cousins shouldn’t marry. I, for one, will be avoiding that area this weekend because inbreeding apparently impairs driving skills.


I have a pretty good idea where my next income tax refund and bonus are going. I’m hoping my air conditioning unit will survive the rest of this summer or at least this current heat wave. It just doesn’t seem to be up to the task of cooling my humble abode. Yesterday evening, I had to shut it down a while and turned it back on after dark. It started having issues last summer and it’s had issues off and on this summer. I don’t believe it would survive next summer. It was old and antiquated when I bought the house. I probably would not be able to even find parts for it anymore.



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