A 3-hour tour

Today’s Quote: “The waves most washed me off the raft sometimes, but I hadn’t any clothes on, and didn’t mind.” — Mark Twain, Huckelberry Finn

Our office trip down the Mad River turned out to be more fun than I had expected, even if I did have to wear clothes. There were a couple of places I thought the canoe was going to tip over but I managed to keep it upright. We found a rope swing hanging from a tree with a convenient rock ledge from which to swing and most of the group took turns with that. While they were splashing in the river, I used an empty Gator Aid bottle to bail the excess water out of my canoe. The extra water combined with my weight probably contributed to the bottom dragging in a few places. After the ride down the river, we had a little cook out before calling it a day. I’d love to do that again.

In other news, I’ve got my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I’ll probably read a large portion of it this evening. I rather doubt I can read it all in one sitting.

Song: Gilligan’s Island Theme Song
Artist: The Wellingtons (1st season) and Gerald Fried (2nd & 3rd seasons)
Year: 1964-1967
Trivia Question: What was Gilligan’s first name?


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  1. Yesterday evening’s “large portion” of the HP book was the first five chapters. I don’t read as fast I as I used to. I guess I’m out of practice. That goes for a lot of other things too.


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