Why can’t I have it my way?

Today’s Quote: “The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well.” — Joe Ancis

Double Secret Probation
The Wendys on Archer Drive in Troy is on double secret probation for quasi-deceptive practices although I’m sure all the fast food franchises do the same thing. They really need to define what they mean by medium and large. The girl at the counter asked if I wanted a medium. Thinking that nobody offers a small soft drink anymore (except child sizes), I said sure. I ended up getting what I’d call a large and it was definitely twice as much as I could consume at one sitting. At least I got the kind of soft drink I requested this time instead of the default Coca-Cola. I guess I’m going to have to be more assertive and tell them I want whatever size qualifies as a small or regular soft drink. When asked if I want it super sized, my response will be, “Only if I get a bigger burger.” I don’t want enough soda to make me have to piss before I finish eating nor do I want more over-salted fries to help me retain all that liquid. Let’s see if I can have it “my” way.

After giving it a little more thought, I’ve decided to put the entire Wendys corporate entity on double secret probation. Why? Because I can. I’ve generally considered them to be one of the better fast food burger chains but I think they’ve been sitting on their laurels a bit too long.

Friday the 13th
The day lived up to it’s reputation. No black cat crossed my path although a couple of gray ones probably did. Black is just a darker shade of gray, right?

To start off with, there were weird dreams. I had one dream that Hooze was possessed by the Devil (not much of a stretch really). Then I woke up late. I barely had time for a cup of coffee, let alone breakfast or personal hygiene. I left the house about 10 minutes later than I should have. At work, it was mostly a continuation of the previous four days of Hell. The rest of the week was just building up to today. The worst part of it is that it may not end today. I will probably need to come into work for a few hours tomorrow to take care of a few things. That sucks. I’ll be missing some quality Saturday morning naked time on an officially designated nationwide Nude Weekend.

I’ve heard a rumor that I may be visited by grandchildren sometime tomorrow. That may change my plans a bit

Oh, my day got better after I left work. Amazing how that works.


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