Blutarsky for President

Today’s Quote: “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?” — Bluto Blutarsky, Animal House

What President Bush Learned From His Mentor, Senator Blutarsky
Remember the “Where are they now?” part at the end of Animal House? You know, where they mention that Bluto became Senator Blutarsky? This article talks about what happened when Senator Blutarsky became President Bush. Interesting comparisons but I loved the comments. Many took offense that the author would defame Bluto in such a manner. Bush and his cronies are more like Niedermeyer and the Omegas even if, on the surface, they have superficial resemblances to the Deltas. But I have to think that Senator Bluto Blutarsky might have been a fine president, considering what we’ve got now.


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