National Nude Recreation Week

Today’s Quote: “I recommend walking around naked in your living room.” — Alanis Morissette, You Learn

I warned you about this last week so don’t act so surprised. Today marks Day 1 of National Nude Recreation Week 2007, the 32rd such week. Believe me, if I had the option, I’d be telecommuting in the nude. Unlike Dilbert, I would not wait until the third day. And with today’s temperatures in the 90s, I would definitely be skinny-dipping in my backyard pool if I had one ( a pool that is, and a better backyard).

I’m still toying with the idea of creating my own DIY mini-nudist resort. I just need to figure out the logistics. Since I probably won’t have an opportunity to go anywhere that offers nude recreation (Naked Day at King’s Island or Splash Moraine?), I’ll just have to enjoy it when and where I can. If I can’t be naked, I can at least be naked under my clothes (it’s not quite the same).

Song: Lady Godiva
Artist: Peter and Gordon
Album: Original Hits
Year: 1966


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