Meteorology and Nudism, not much in common

Today’s Quote: “You can only be young once. But you can always be immature.” — Dave Barry

TV meteorologists should be required to read the following disclaimer before giving the five-day forecast: “We don’t have a clue what the weather for the next five days will be like. Even with the latest technology like satellite imagery and full-color Doppler radar, we’re still just making a wild assed guess. You’d probably be better off consulting the Farmer’s Almanac or your astrologer. With that in mind, here’s your five-day forecast…”

Even as late as yesterday morning (didn’t catch the evening news) it was supposed to be sunny and warm today. When I went outside to fire up the grill, I noticed it was cloudy with variable winds. There was something in the chill in the air and the way the wind rustled the leaves that told me rain was imminent. It turns out I was right. Just as we were finishing up the last few hot dogs, the rains came down.

Mark your calendars
Next week is Nude Recreation Week. The Naturist Society and the American Association for Nude Recreation suggest textiles (non-nudist folk) try the following activities in the comfort of their own homes:

  • Cool off: skinny dip in your backyard pool.
  • Make housekeeping fun: ditch those clothes, turn on some music and get out the mop.
  • Get in touch with nature: shed those threads and grab your garden tools for some nude gardening.
  • Exercise in the altogether: hit the treadmill or dust off one of the workout videos.
  • Telecommute in the nude: working from home, in the nude, is in fact increasing in popularity!

If the above aren’t feasible, try leaving the robe off after your morning shower and have breakfast in the nude or after a hard day at work, don’t stop at taking off your shoes to give your feet a rest. Take everything off and give your whole body a rest while you sit in your favorite armchair naked and watch TV. At the end of the day, crawl into bed nude. You may be surprised that you could sleep so well.

Hair-DogSong: Hair of the Dog
Artist: Nazareth
Album: Hair of the Dog
Year: 1975


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