Six Month Progress Report

Today’s Quote: “Nakie is good. Nakie is free. Nakie is…NAKIE!” –Tommy Pickles, The Rugrats


I survived the abbreviated work week after my short vacation. Maybe a few days off or the weekend’s “me” time recharged my batteries. I don’t know and I’m not going to try to analyze it to death. I only know that I felt very relaxed and stress-free Saturday and Sunday and I’d like to have days like that more often. It was, as I said in my last post, good for the soul.

Can you believe the year is half over already? Six months ago I made one goal for the year and five resolutions. I think I’m doing fairly well with the goal (to look good nekkid) although I haven’t been exercising quite as regularly as I was. I need to kick that into gear again. Of the five resolutions I made, I’ve done well on two of them, I’m barely breaking even on one (replacing the furnace really hurt), not so well on another (though I’ve been meaning to get back to it), and totally blown off the fifth. I guess that’s an improvement over previous years when I failed miserably on all goals and resolutions.

I’m hoping I can survive the next six months with my sanity and my stomach lining intact. I’m praying for a lottery win. As soon as God reveals the winning numbers to me, I’ll go out and buy the winning ticket.

Foghat-1stLPSong: I Just Want to Make Love to You
Artist: Foghat
Album: Foghat
Year: 1972
A blues classic written by the legendary Willie Dixon and performed by the equally legendary Muddy Waters.


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