Your System Is Not Compatible At This Time

Today’s Quote: “Lord loves a workin’ man; don’t trust whitey; see a doctor and get rid of it.” — Navin R. Johnson (Steve Martin), The Jerk (1979)

For best results?!?
I got the following message when I clicked a link to a web site this evening:
Sorry for the inconvenience…

We’re sorry, your system is not compatible with our software requirements at this time.

System requirements:
# Windows XP
# Internet Explorer 6.0+

We will be supporting additional operating systems and browsers in the near future.

Netscape and Firefox users, please note: For best results, visit site using Internet Explorer.

I’m sorry, your software is incompatible with my browsing requirements at this time.

Internet Explorer users, please note: The terms “best results” and “Internet Explorer” are mutually exclusive. For “best” results, use a more standards compliant browser such as Firefox or Opera.

Bob_Dylan_-_Blonde_on_BlondeSong: Rainy Day Women #12 And #35
Artist: Bob Dylan
Album: Blonde On Blonde
Year: 1966


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