Thoughts about banking

Today’s Quote: “An American has no sense of privacy. He does not know what it means. There is no such thing in the country.” — George Bernard Shaw

Why do banks deduct fees from your bank account for not having enough money in your bank account? Isn’t that counter-productive? The more they deduct, the less you’ll have in your account so they’ll deduct more so you have less. It seems like a downward spiral to me. Eventually, the account will be depleted and the bank will cancel the account. It seems like a dumb way to run a business. Reminds me of the Shoe comic strip when the bank calls Loon and says they want to talk to him about his outstanding balance. Loon replies, “Thanks. I thought it was only so-so.”

Is it just me or does it bother anyone else that banks have Braille and voice assistance for the visually impaired on drive-up ATMs? I understand the logistical and cost reasons for it but the idea of it still bothers me. I guess as long as the BMV continues to give them licenses, they will need to be able to use drive-up ATMs.

Song: Hair
Artist: The Cowsills
Album: The Cowsills in Concert
Year: 1969
The Cowsills were the original family pop band predating the Jackson 5, The Osmond Brothers, and The Partridge Family.


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