Could have been a hippie (maybe not)

Today’s Quote: “We men aren’t that complicated, our minds will typically go anywhere that our dicks take us. It’s important to remember that we’re a lot more sensitive than we let on.” — Dreadfree, Spicing Things Up, Nothing to Dread, April 29, 2007

Last night I watched Hippies on the History Channel. It was interesting and quite informative. Although the hippie movement only lasted about five years and failed (except in Yellow Springs), it had a lasting effect on our culture and society.

I feel like I’m stuck between generations. I’m too young to have been a hippie (missed it by a couple of years) but a bit too old to have gotten into the disco scene. Well, maybe about the right age when it happened but I was into the music of the sixties and early seventies and realized early on the disco was crap. Plus I really hate polyester.

Hell, I would have been a great hippie but I’m not sure I could have gotten into the beads, psychedelic clothes, and the whole flower power thing. On second thought, I probably wouldn’t have been a very good hippie after all although the sex, drugs, and rock & roll might have been attractive. Communal living probably would have driven me bonkers.

During the hippie era I was in elementary, junior high and high school. My views were pretty much my parents. I was aware of the Vietnam war and all the other stuff going on but who wasn’t? But I didn’t have a political opinion. I even ridiculed rock & roll. (Yes, I was a heretic and a blasphemer.)

It wasn’t until my late high school years that I began to wean myself from country music. I started growing my hair longer and began to seriously listen to rock. At 18 my drug of choice was beer. You could buy 3.2 beer at 18 back then. I will admit to going through a very brief hippie period. Hopefully, no photographic evidence has survived.

The other night I saw a show on the History Channel called The States. Each episode showcases several states and highlights interesting facts about each state’s history, economy, attractions, or whatever. I did not know that Kentucky was the nation’s third largest producer of marijuana, right after California and Tennessee. Learn something new every day. Just think of all the tax revenue the state is losing.

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