Do Wah Diddy Diddy

Today’s Quote: “A child who has never been allowed to see his parents and brothers and sisters naked sees nudity as something shocking.” — Dr. Helga Fleischhauer-Hardt, Show Me (New York: St. Martin`s Press, 1975).

I just couldn’t stand the noise anymore so I replaced the kitchen faucet yesterday. As plumbing jobs go, it went very well. I managed to find all the necessary tools, including my plumber’s putty and my Teflon tape. The only complication was the supply line for the hot water was a bit too short so I had to go to Lowes for a longer one. There were no leaks and, most amazingly, no colorful metaphors were uttered. I’m quite proud of myself.

This may qualify as the stupidest thing I’ve heard of … today.

Breastfeeding In Public Is Not A Problem With A Breastfeeding Cover
“Inexpensive, convenient to carry and use, a breastfeeding cover is a must have accessory for a nursing mother.”
I’ve got a better idea. Just pass out paper bags to the folks who would rather not see a breastfeeding infant because they think it’s obscene, disgusting, gross, sexy, whatever. The instructions are simple. Place bag over head and privately bask in your righteous indignation. And, yes, we do offer the choice of paper or plastic.

This child is scarred for life.
Family swim lessons shouldn’t involve nudity
Heaven forbid that a child should grow up to be an adult who doesn’t know what a naked adult looks like. Evidently, the pool had a co-ed changing room with private showers. The author’s young daughter happened to open the door he was showering behind. Poor child.

I don’t get his second disclaimer: “Disclaimer 2: Please understand; I’d just gotten out of the pool.” Is he apologizing that his member wasn’t impressive enough for his daughter? Eww! What a sicko!

ManfredMannAlbumSong: Do Wah Diddy Diddy
Artist: Manfred Mann
Album: The Manfred Mann Album
Year: 1964
The song was originally performed in 1963 by the American band The Exciters, originally written by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich.


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