Happy Naked Day

Today’s Quote: “Human beings will be happier – not when they cure cancer or get to Mars or eliminate racial prejudice or flush Lake Erie but when they find ways to inhabit primitive communities again. That’s my utopia.” — Kurt Vonnegut

Finally, I holiday I can get into – Naked Day, a day devoted to the ideal of spending some time naked, alone or with others. And I have to spend the day at work and clothed. In the spirit of the day, I’m going commando.

Philippine mothers set new record for breastfeeding
3,869 mothers breastfed their babies at 156 locations. Last year 2,738 women simultaneously breastfed in a sports stadium in Manila. The previous record of 1,135, set in Berkeley in 2005 was nowhere close. What surprises me is not so much that breastfeeding is common in the Philippines but that so many would gather together to do it.

When is the United States going to embrace the natural wholesomeness of breastfeeding? On the other hand, with 7,000 islands, thousands of miles of beaches, and warm tropical weather, you’d think the Philippines would be the perfect place for nudism yet it’s practically unheard of there. It’s hard to undo half a millennia of repression at the hands of the Spanish and the Americans.

According to the Daily Star (England), 62% of British women, 15-30, admit to flashing their breasts in public. The article did not report any trauma that may have been caused by this behaviour. Nor did the world come to an end. It’s okay to show your breasts. Tits are actually very friendly and quite harmless. I’ve never heard of a breast attacking anybody.


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  1. I managed to get the house to myself for a couple of hours so I’m celebrating Naked Day! As they say at the place with the golden arches, I’m lovin’ it!


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