Happy Belated Birthday, Jesus

Today’s Quote: “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”. — Stephen Hawking

We got heat. It pretty much wiped out my savings but we had to bite the bullet. It sucks to be poor.

A word of advice — At all costs, avoid taking vows of poverty and chastity, be they voluntary or be they involuntary. Believe me, neither has anything good going for it. There are those for whom a vow of silence would be a good idea.

It was a totally stressful day at work. What I really need tonight is a massage with a happy ending. Or a fifth of Jack.

Oh, yesterday was Jesus’s 2013th birthday. The 25th of December was decreed by an infallible pope.

ZZ_Top-Tres_HombresSong: Hot, Blue And Righteous
Artist: ZZ Top
Album: Tres Hombres
Year: 1973


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