Looking For Reasons

Today’s Quote: “We may not return the affection of those who like us, but we always respect their good judgment.” — Libbie Fudim

The weekend is nearly half gone and I’ve accomplished nothing I had intended to do. In other words, it’s been an average, normal, par for the course weekend. Maybe I’ll get something done tomorrow. And monkeys might fly out my ass!

My computer exhibited strange behavior this afternoon. For no apparent reason, I heard a beep, then the screen went blank and it shut down. Immediate efforts to revive it were fruitless. I put my tester on the power supply and it checked out okay. After I plugged it back into the motherboard, it booted right up.

The only thing that comes to mind is that it might be a heat issue. I just put a new fan in the back of the case, replacing the one that was no longer working. The CPU fan seems to be working alright. I’ll clean out any dust that might be lurking inside, especially in the heat sink and in the power supply. I guess I should obtain another fan for the front. I’m praying to the digital deities that it’s not the motherboard. That would be a major expense (for me) and a pain in the ass. Why does technology hate me so?

Other than that and the usual chronic depression, the only other thing that perplexes me is the reason for scented panty liners. I’ve pondered this and can find no logical explanation for their existence.

Willy, a mental patient, mimes driving a car as he runs around the halls of an asylum. An orderly turns the corner and asks Willy what he’s doing.
Willy replies, “I’m going to Chicago for the weekend.”
The orderly chuckles and enters another patient’s room and catches Bob pleasuring himself.
When asked what he is doing, Bob replies, “I’m screwing Willy’s old lady while he’s away in Chicago.”


Author: Rick

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