Anger Without Enthusiasm

Today’s Quote: “Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.” — Larry the Cable Guy
I hadn’t looked at it that way before. He just might be on to something there.

At eight-something this evening Spring officially begins. Soon it will be warm enough to frolic naked in the backyard. The birds will be singing, the flowers will be blooming, and the grass will be growing. So much for my growing enthusiasm. Grass growing means lawn mowing, a necessary evil connected with having a yard as well as a city mandated requirement. I’ll cut my grass to keep the lawn gestapo off my ass but I won’t be smiling while I’m mowing. (I won’t be nude either, too hazardous.)

I found some, ah, interesting videos on YouTube yesterday by Kate Bohner; something she calls KBTV. I saw one of these that was about “The Secret” (As seen on Oprah, Larry King, and Ellen). Apparently, it’s a documentary or something about how these people wished for things and got them. If I understand it correctly, the “secret” is to put a picture of what you want on a special “wish board” and every day you have to sit in front of it, concentrate on the picture, and wish for it really, really hard. This doesn’t happen over night, sometimes you have to do it for several years. At least that was what I gathered from this KBTV video.

My first thought was that this must be some kind of scam. But it’s been endorsed by Oprah so it’s got to be legit.

I’ve heard of putting a picture of something up on the fridge to serve as a reminder of what you’d like to get or achieve so that you’ll keep that goal in sight and work toward it. For instance, I’ve got, up on my refrigerator, a picture of a shed I’d like to put up in my backyard someday. From what I understand from this KBTV video, I’ve apparently left out some important steps. I didn’t know I was supposed to put the picture on a special board and pray to it every day. No wonder I don’t have a new shed. I’ve been going about it all wrong. It boggles my mind when I think of the possibilities. Why just a shed? Why not a whole barn? And some acreage to put it on?

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